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Active Subscribers

Subscribers in your mailing lists who will receive a regular delivery of magazines or other publications for a period of time that is still in effect and they are receiving your follow-up messages

Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by recommending Mailday to other people. We give you a special web address so that when you refer someone, we know that it was through your recommendation, and you get paid automatically


An Application Program Interface (API) is used by one program to manage another by remote control. For instance, with an API key you can access Mailday Web services and manage subscribers individually or in bulk operations and provide access to summary campaign results


They are the inclusions in your email campaigns which can be any/all of a text, image, video, fileor a link. To confirmMailday deliverability standards, we have set the maximum file size of 400KB. Emails with larger attachments may not reach your recipients due to mailbox size limitations or ESP restrictions

Administrator / Super Administrator

User type with full access to all editable parts of the account and who can create new account users, edit billing information, and close the account

Affiliate Marketing

A type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards individuals for each visitor or customer brought in through the by individual's marketing efforts

Archive section

This section comprises of all the unused components and their specifics, such asBrands, Campaigns, Mailing Lists and Custom Filters/Segments

Bounced Email

Email sent back to an email sender reporting the message could not be delivered and why. Emails can bounce for more than 30 reasons including: the email address is incorrect or has been closed; the recipient's mailbox is full, the mail server is down, or the system detects spam or offensive content

Bounce rate

The number of bounces (hard/soft) divided by the number of emails sent


Automatic/scheduled/instant email campaigns can be sent from the interface which will as well smartly respond and fit in the device in which it is opened to view, from mobile screens to desktop computers


When click tracking is enabled for a campaign, Mailday tracking information is added to each URL. When a tracked link is clicked in the campaign, this tracking info redirects the subscriber through servers before sending them to the intended web address. That redirect through server will be logged as a click on your campaign report

Click Rate

Automatic/scheduled/instant email campaigns can be sent from the interface which will as well smartly respond and fit in the device in which it is opened to view, from mobile screens to desktop computers

Click Tracking

Click tracking refers to the data collected about each click link, such as how many people clicked it, how many clicks resulted in desired actions such as sales, forwards or subscriptions

Confirmation Message/Email

An email containing a confirmation link, sent to subscribers upon adding them to your list, to verify their intention to receive your messages. As a result, only those people with access to the account can respond to the confirmation message, greatly reducing the chances of abuse

CSV Format

Comma Separated Values, a specially formatted plain text file which stores spreadsheet or basic database-style information in a very simple format, with one record on each line, and each field within that record separated by a comma. Ex: John,Smith,john@smithman.com,male,37. To export an Excel file to a CSV file you choose a CSV type while saving the document

Custom Field/Column

You can create personalized fields/columns for your mailing lists which let you collect any information from your 'to-be-imported' source files that will be helpful to you such as phone and fax numbers, company names, number of employees, etc.


Automatic/scheduled/instant email campaigns can be sent from the interface which will as well smartly respond and fit in the device in which it is opened to view, from mobile screens to desktop computers

Campaign Wizard

A wizard used to create, design, and send an email campaign through Mailday. The wizard walks you through the different steps to create a Brand, a Mailing List, a Sender Address, a Template and send or schedule delivery

Domain Name

A name that identifies one or more IP addresses, used in URLs to identify particular web pages. For example, Mailday's domain name is Mailday.com. Adding your own domain name to your account and campaigns helps you to build credibility and brand awareness, increase your response rates and boost email deliverability


Domain Keys Identified Mail associates a specific domain name with an email message which allows a person or organization to claim responsibility for the message


Emailing (electronic mailing), often abbreviated as e-mail or email, is the method of exchanging or broadcasting digital messages, primarily over the Internet. Emailing usually consists of messages encoded in ASCII text, HTML, or Multi-Part MIME (both) however, non-text files, such as graphic images, sound files and video email messages are becoming increasingly popular, especially with online marketers, as recipients have less time and inclination to read plain text emails Emailing is a fast and now the most popular business communication with customers, enabling you to reach an unlimited number of recipients at low cost


Email Service Provider is a service that hosts email marketing services on their servers, which are specifically optimized for this purpose. While you control your email marketing account and send out emails using a Web browser interface, the ESP's servers and Internet connections do the heavy lifting

From Field

This is what your subscribers will see to identify you as a sender. It may be a personal name, a brand name or an email address. You can define a different 'From' field for every campaign you have

Filter/Custom Filter/Segment

A custom filter / segment is a group of desired emails, filtered with a specific criteria E.g. a filter with subscribers whose first name starts with 'S', a filter with subscribers whose birthday is on Christmas day, a filter of subscribers whose salutation is 'Mr.' etc.; such that precise targeted emails can be sent to them

Hard Bounce

Failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent address. When a hard bounce happens, Mailday will remove the address permanently from your list


Hypertext markup language, the basic programming language of the Internet, designed for the creation of web pages and other information viewable in a Web browser

HTML Message

An email that is formatted using Hypertext Markup Language instead of plain text. It may have unique fonts, graphics, logos and background colors


One of the features that enable you to add subscribers to your subscribers list. It can be found under New>Mailing Lists > Choose file

IP Address

The Internet Protocol (IP) address is an identifier for a computer on the Internet. Each computer has its own unique number that allows it to be found on the Internet. It is written as four sets of numbers separated by periods, i.e.

IP Blocking

Your IP may be blocked due to the lack of reverse DNS, as this usually indicates spam mailings, or due to submitting multiple web sign-ups to your own account. Please note that the web form is for others visiting your website to request information, not for you to add prospects to your account

Landing Page

The first page a site visitor is directed to when the referral comes from an exterior link, such as a pay-per-click ad or link within an email-marketing message. Landing pages typically are optimized for keywords, audience or calls to action and often are more highly structured than other interior pages


A connection between one points to another, a link is a reference to another document. It can be text links, hyperlinks, graphics or images that, when clicked, send you to another online location (for example a landing page or other pages of the website)

Mailing List

Email list – A list of email addresses that receive mailings from you

A list or database of email addresses identified under a single Brand and used by e-marketers to send, or broadcast, sales messages, newsletters and other publications to a large group or segment of subscribers (opt-ins). The lists usually contain the email addresses, individuals or subscribers receiving mail at those addresses, publications to which they have subscribed, and any relevant notes or profile data. Most e-marketers consider mailing lists their most valuable asset

Marketing Emails

A marketing email will be sent by a business to capture the attention and engagement of a large audience, by sending marketing material/coupons/targeted presentations/etc.


Email list – A list of email addresses that receive mailings from you

A feature that allows you to have all notifications forwarded to your chosen email address. It can be enabled under Settings >Alert Settings. In order to start receiving email notifications about security (Unauthorized attempts) and/or ESP (Bounces/Complaints) features, enable/disable the same

Notification Emails

They are the emails which are targeted to subscribers notifying something of their interest. In some cases, the action might have been taken by other users, but the recipient might be a target of it; e.g. email notifications as received from social platforms, notifying news of their interest

Open Rate

The number of message recipients who open an email, usually as a percentage of the total number of emails sent (but not just those that were actually delivered). Opens also can be calculated on HTML messages

Plain Text

Text in an email message that includes no formatting code

Reply-to Field

The email address that receives messages sent from users who click reply in messages they received. It can differ from the 'from address' which can be an automated or unmonitored email address used only to send messages to a distribution list


This section displays you acomprehensive analysis of end-to-end activities while creating, sending email campaigns and post-delivery analytics too


Return on Investment - the percentage of profit that results from a marketing or advertising campaign

Soft Bounce

Failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server


A HTML file that serves as a starting point for a new campaign. This is the container for the campaign's content where the design layout and all content reside

Transactional Emails

They are the emails which are sent when the user does a transaction with the system. These are the emails users expect over getting surprised. There wouldn't be an unsubscribe link in a transactional email


Uniform Resource Locator, the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. URLs indicate the location of every file on every computer accessible through the Internet

User Type

Access levels assigned to different account users

Verified Domain

An email domain which has been authenticated, or confirmed, as being accessible by the sender. Verified domains confirm ownership of and access to an email domain.