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What are Brands?

Brands are folders/groups/categories in which multiple mailing lists are created and built such that email campaigns can be targeted to the required lot

Mailday includes all the capabilities you need for creating effective email campaigns:
  • Intuitive design editor, so you can create beautiful sign-up forms and newsletters in minutes

  • List-management tools to help you market to your contacts with razor-sharp accuracy

  • Unlimited autoresponder that enables you to follow up automatically with customers, providing info, offers, and all types of friendly communication.

  • Social media tools that give you an easy way to tap into the list-building power of social referrals

  • Deliverability rate of 99.5%, to make sure your campaign messages reach destination inboxes

  • Analytics and segmentation tools to enable you to create targeted offers to improve conversion rates

  • Landing Page editor

  • Developer support to help you integrate your email marketing function with other commercial and in-house software you already use

  • An ever-expanding array of advanced features to help you get better results from your marketing dollars.