Integrated customer engagement with Mailday



Mailday enables high-volume marketers to concentrate on the proficiency of Email Campaigns by relying on a dedicated and efficient software which is flexible in providing tailor made installations, with an in-house expert consultant base

  • A total customizable solution that enables you to assign sub-users, apprehending a durable usability

  • Association of your domain(s) to maintain sender integrity, making sure that only you can share your marketing practices

  • A complete support team, providing quick response times to guarantee your time to be utilized as efficiently as possible


Mailday's easy-to-scale solution set enables us to conveniently make any custom modifications per your need; such that you will see and use only the features you want to use in your interface, thereby eliminating all not-required components and boosting your marketing efficiency.

Ability to send large

With Mailday, you can easily send innumerable emails per day as campaigns excluding any interruptions or shutdowns. Our servers meet your infinitely large demands and is highly scalable, in addition to providing indefinite data security and high speeds

Improved Deliverability

With Mailday, your business will maintain continuous email repute by our assignment of unique IP address to your organization. We expertise in handling DKIM, ISP monitoring and white labeling of your brand

User Management

You can create multiple users under you to give them privileged access by initially defining desired roles and permissions to them. You can allow them do anything, from just viewing your reporting to mask you and perform everything

Customizable Model

Our software is fully scalable and customizable and your technical team will not any problem in modifying it to your need. Any integrations such as shopping cart, ERPs, etc. can be done with Mailday's JSON-RPCAPI

Consulting Services

Our dedicated, smart and efficient team enables you to select and build each component that you most need for your business marketing such that maximum ROI can be effectively targeted

Account Leader

We will assign you a dedicated account leader who will continuously help you in every regard, targeting efficient performance, complete training and support